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Chapter 17

you were due any day now, you thought you’d be happy, but to be honest with everyone you were very worried and scared. millions of what if’s were rushing through your mind. and the only reassuring thing about this all was that the entire nursery was ready for the baby arrival.

You were sitting on one of the wooden stools in the kitchen. by your side, there was your favourite pastel brown mug with an owl design full of some soothing peppermint tea.
the smell was relaxing and you didn't notice Kisuke entering the kitchen.

„ everything alright? „ he asked, making you look a bit with surprise at him, Kisuke was working on something for the past couple of months and it felt almost strange to see him now.

„ yeah, everything alright „ you told him with a reassuring smile on your face „ I guess it just feels like we became a bit distant to each other for the past couple months „ you added dropping your smile.

Kisuke came closer towards you „ I'm sorry (F/N), „. he said, giving you a comforting hug.

„ I did finish working on this project „ he added gaining your attention.

you looked up at him. you could feel him taking a deep breath.

„ (F/N), I wasn’t completely honest with you from the start. „ he begins.

„ I'm not who you may think I am „ he continues. you give him a look of surprise „ what could he mean by that „ you thought.

„ you see I am not human, I'm a Shinigami, I used to be a high ranked one at that, a captain of one of the divisions in the soul society which is a place where Shinigami live and where most Souls dwell until they are reincarnated into the Human World.” he began to explain

you look in disbelief, why was he feeling you this now?

„is this some sort of a joke Kisuke? „ you asked, the story sounded assured to you and you found it hard to believe.

„ unfortunately not „ he said seriously looking down.

„ why are you now off all times? „ you asked

„ (F/N) are you aware of the young orange haired boy who sometimes comes to our shop” he asked

you nodded „ yeah, I'm aware of him.. His name is Ichigo right? „

„ yes, well you see he's a substitute Shinigami, he's human, but he posses Shinigami powers „ Kisuke began to explain

„ and? „ you begin to question

„ well, there's a high possibility that our child would inherit my Shinigami powers, and put him or her in danger because it will have a high spiritual energy which may attract hollows „ he said

your eyes widened „ hollows? „

„ yes, hollows they are a race of creatures which are born from Human souls who, for various reasons, do not cross over to Soul Society after their death and stay in the Human World for too long. They are corrupt spirits with supernatural powers, which devour the souls of both living and deceased Humans.” he explained again

your ruffled your hair with your hands „ what's going to happen now „ you said in slight panic

„thats what I have been working on „ Kisuke said gaining your attention back. he pulled out a small silver coloured necklace with a hollow symbol engraved on it.

„ how's this going to help? „ you asked

„ well you see, I used to be the founder and 1st President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, so it was my job to come up with inventions, this necklace isn't ordinary it was designed to hide the child's future powers so that the hollows or other Shinigami won't be aware of their powers”
online ? ( Kisuke x Reader ) chapter 17
im so so sorry i havent uploaded for so long but i was extreamely busy however i did manage to write chapter 17 for you guys :) 
chapter 16

It has been several months now and you were very, very close to your due date, however you didn’t feel the happiness you thought you would feel by this point, Kisuke became more distant to you and you didn’t quite understand why.

he spent his days locked up in his room working on god knows what. every time you asked about it he responded the same „ I'm working on something for the customer „ or „ that he’s busy with a new product „. you honestly didn’t know what to think about it by this point

everyone around you seemed to know just as much as you so you never bothered to ask them either.

you were getting worried whether Kisuke was alright, he didn’t spend any time with anyone. However, you still didn’t give up to get him out , away from his work.

„ Kisuke, I bought you dinner „ you said, knocking on the door to his room

Kisuke soon answered the door „ oh thank you (F/N) „ he said, you looked closer at him, his hair was messier than always, the smell of his room was disturbing.

you put a hand over your mouth and nose „ what happening in there? „ you asked, trying to look past him.

‚ nothing you should worry about (F/N) „ Kisuke said blocking your view making you really suspicious of what he's doing.

„ alright then „ you said, turning your back on him and leaving to do your regular daily tasks

————————————————- ( Kisuke point of view ) ———————————

„that was close „ I thought to myself. while closing the door once again

I turned around to head back to my working table where a small neckless was. it was silver in colour and had a small hollow symbol engraved on it

„ I'm nearly done, and then our baby will be safe from hollows, this neckless should lower the baby reiatsu since the child would most likely inherit my soul reaper powers „ I said to myself

I was tired, I didn't sleep for the past 2 days, but I can’t stop once I'm so close to finishing this
Chapter 15

It has been several months now and you were closer to the date that you were due to have the baby.

Everyone has taken the news cheerfully when you told them. Even Jinta was kinder to you in the past months, which made you positively surprised.

Kisuke and Tessai transform one of the spare rooms in a nursery for the baby it was (F/C) themed which made you really happy.

and now you were in the kitchen making some surprise pancakes for everyone for all the hard work they did with making the nursery.

you were humming your favourite song while preparing the final touches. when you heard someone approaching you.

it was Kisuke .

" morning " you said cheerfully

" morning , someone in a good mood, " he responded with a smile

" maybe " you said, passing him a plate of pancakes with (favourite pancake toping)

" thank you (f/n) " he said, kissing your cheek lightly

" why are you up so early Kisuke? , did I wake you up? " you asked

" No, I was working on something for some of those special customers that sometimes come " he explained

' he must be talking about Ichigo, Rukia and Renji ' you though remembering the names.

" Okay, well, I'm going to wake up the others before the food gets cold " you said happily making your way to their rooms.

--------------------------Kisuke point of view --------------------------------

' I lied to (f/n), I wasn't doing a new thing for one of the customers, but for our soon to be child, there is a high possibility that he or she will also have soul reaper powers from me that would need to be concealed for his or her safety ' I thought getting more worried the closer (f/n) was to her due date

" I have to finish it before the baby get here, " I said to myself and quickly finished my meal to yet again go back to work.

--------------------------- back to readers point of view --------------------------------

once you have woken everyone up and served them their portion of pancakes you realised that Kisuke was already gone

" I wonder where he went off to " you whispered to yourself

" what did you say miss (f/n)? " Ururu said

" Oh, it's nothing I was just wondering where Kisuke gone to that's all " you calmly responded with a smile

" Don't worry about it the boss is just working on something really important " Tessai responded reassuringly, but something to you still didn't feel quite right.
Online ? ( Kisuke x Reader ) Chapter 15
So sorry i didn't write anything for so so long i was super busy with studying and christmas and lots other things . hopefully you enjoy this little chapter and i will update more Sad Cutecookies Mascot 
chapter 16…


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